Climate Change Preparedness and the Small Business Sector

Small Business Report

This report is the product of a collaborative effort by Small Business Majority and the American
Sustainable Business Council. Click here to download the entire report.
Small Business Majority was founded and is run by small business owners to focus on solving the biggest problems facing small businesses today. Since 2005, we have actively engaged small business owners and policymakers in support of public policy solutions that promote small business growth and drive a strong, sustainable economy. We are a team of 20 working from our offices in Washington D.C., California, Colorado, Missouri, Ohio, New York, Virginia and Washington state. To do this, we deploy our network of 12,000 small business owners and 5,500 business organizations, along with a strategic partnership program including 80 business organizations to reach more than 300,000 small business owners. Our extensive scientific polling, focus groups and economic research helps us educate and inform policymakers, the media an other stakeholders about a multitude of issues including healthcare, clean energy, immigration, taxes, access to capital, financial reform and workforce development.
The American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) and its member organizations represent more than 165,000 businesses nationwide, and more than 300,000 entrepreneurs, executives, managers, and investors. The council includes chambers of commerce, trade associations, and groups representing small business, investors, micro enterprise, social enterprise, green and sustainable business, local living economy, and women and minority business leaders. ASBC informs and engages policy makers and the public about the need and opportunities for building a vibrant and sustainable economy.

Click here to download the entire report.

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