Protecting Our Planet through Sustainability: Solutions for Climate Change

 Roger.Kuhns copyTuesday, February 2nd @ 7pm

Bjorklunden, 7590 Boynton Lane, Baileys Harbor, WI

Roger Kuhns, Ph.D., geologist and environmental scientist, will give a talk titled “Protecting Our Planet through Sustainability: Solutions for Climate Change” at the Climate Change Coalition of Door County’s February program, to be held at 7 pm Tuesday, Feb. 2, at Bjorklunden,  (please note change from our usual first Wednesday schedule).

Kuhns has worked around the world on community sustainability projects, using the triple bottom line approach which focuses on the environment, the economy and the community. He argues that true sustainability depends on advances in all three spheres. In his talk, he will discuss progress to date and additional measures needed to address climate change while supporting economic and community development.

Kuhns has worked in mineral resources and geology, hydrology, environmental remediation, community enrichment and conservation. He lived and worked in Africa for eight years, where he helped write environmental protection and mineral resources legislation for several nations. He heads SustainAudit LLC, advising clients in applying sustainable practices to land use planning and built environments. He is also an author and a musician.

The Climate Change Coalition of Door County (CCCDC) seeks to transcend partisanship and to voice the care we all have for the natural world. CCCDC fosters knowledge and action to address climate change’s challenges and protect the Earth for future generations.

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