About Us


Climate Change Coalition of Door County is a non-partisan organization that through education, outreach and civil dialogue increases public understanding of climate change and its many detrimental impacts at home and around the world. Our objective is to inspire prompt action by individuals and policymakers at all levels to address the causes and challenges of climate change and to help communities adapt to its impacts.


Click on this image to watch the video and read more about what NASA has discovered:


Click on this image to see the Earth clock in motion:


Click on this image to see 30 years of Arctic ice melt in one minute:



The Climate Change Coalition of Door County is proud to be partnered with LNRP

Who is the Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership?

Our Mission:

Cultivating Community & Stewardship from the Ledge to the Lakeshore

LNRP is our region’s leading environmental advocate for the waters of northeast and east central Wisconsin, fostering stewardship in our planet’s largest watershed and taking action to champion the environment.  As a diverse group of people, we use education and coordination to support local communities’ efforts to maintain or improve our natural resources.  LNRP builds partnerships and collaborations, provides funding and support, and promotes a forum for discussion and action to advocate a balance between land use and natural resource management, the health of our lands and waters, conservation and protection.  Come grow with us!

Visit LNRP’s Webpage

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