Climate Change Forum Event Support:

We need lots of help for our signature annual event, the Climate Change Forum and for other fundraising activities throughout the year. Volunteers help with registration, staff information tables, program set up and teardown, and more.

Monthly Program Support

Meet other conservation-minded folks as you greet attendees at our monthly program offerings and staff the information table. At these programs volunteers help set up our informational table, greet visitors, manage our sign in, and perform other duties necessary to each program. The added bonus is you’ll enjoy informative presentations by seasoned experts from Door County and beyond!

Poster Distribution

Help spread the word about our monthly programs and flagship events by distributing posters to various locations in the community. These posters are vital to the success of our programs, and volunteers are needed to distribute them to identified locations in each community. Posters are distributed once a month.

Tree Planting

Two of our flagship projects are our Spring and Fall Tree Planting Projects. With the help of our community, schools and volunteers we set out to plant and distribute trees in the spring (around Earth Day/Arbor Day) and fall (around mid September). We need your help with with physical tree planting in the spring and tree distribution and planting in the fall.

Business Outreach

Our Business Declaration is one of our most successful initiatives. Over 125 businesses in Door County and beyond have committed to fostering innovation, encouraging energy efficiency, enhancing public health, creating new jobs and bringing technological advances to the market by signing the Ceres Climate Declaration. But we don’t want to stop there! We need your help to expand our local business support and outreach.

Youth Outreach

Calling all retired teachers, teacher aids or anyone who just plain enjoys kids and science! Door County students are already actively involved in our spring tree planting projects, and we’d love to expand our outreach by providing other opportunities for environmental programs.

Special Event Support

Occasionally we have the opportunity to raise money for the Climate Change Coalition by providing support staff for special events in the county. Participate in the fun, excitement and energy of bike rides, marathons and other athletic events by staffing aid stations, helping with parking, directing traffic flow and other duties.

Social Media and Website Support

If you have a passion for posting, we need your talents to help maintain and expand our website and social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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