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Mission: Climate Change Coalition of Door County is a non-partisan organization that through education, outreach and civil dialogue increases public understanding of climate change and its many detrimental impacts at home and around the world. Our objective is to inspire…




2017 Annual Appeal Your contribution supports our mission to inspire prompt action by individuals and policymakers at all levels to address the causes and challenges of climate change and to help communities adapt to its impacts. Thank You! To make…

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New Report Predicts Rising Tides, More Flooding

“Including tidal inlets, Virginia has a 3,315 mile ocean coastline with one of the world’s largest naval complexes on that coast.  Both are soon to be awash in tidal flooding but the “why” of the flooding can only be discussed…

Swallowed by the Sea

As CCCDC Steering Committee member Dick Smythe always says, it is the poorest nations and their people who will suffer most from the changing climate.  When poverty is coupled with low-lying land bordering oceans, tragedy becomes inevitable. You doubt climate…

In India, Summer Heat May Soon Be Literally Unbearable

This article is clear about urban heat and the impacts of increasing temperatures on city dwellers.  It also reports some of the steps cities are taking to moderate temperatures, even if only slightly, for their residents.

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Solar panels help power new Ikea store in Oak Creek

Samantha Gravina, manager of Ikea’s new store in Oak Creek, said “Ikea strives to create a sustainable life for communities where we operate, and Ikea Oak Creek is adding to this goal with Wisconsin’s largest rooftop solar array.” Ikea has solar panels on top of 90 percent of its American locations. Way to go Ikea!

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Climate change is making it harder to revive damaged land

Instead of restoring the past, ecologists are increasingly focused on the future.

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